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Chris mluví o svých vyhlídkách pro rok 2013. Mluví o Capovi, Icemanovi a dokonce i o Snowpiercovi, který jak se zdá se trochu promlčel. :) A Luck Richard vytvořil s Chrisem tento rozhovor otázek a odpovědí.

As one of the stars of Avengers Assemble, Chris Evans has a much better year than most. But as he tells Blokely, 2013 promises to be a very different proposition…

So, 2012′s not been a bad year for you…
Oh, man, it's been incredible. I know it's a cliché but I really do feel like I've been blessed. Not many people get to have a year like this so I'm making sure I enjoy it while it lasts.

What's it like to be at the heart of a film as big as Avengers Assemble?
It's strange in a way because it's not as if you can take too much credit for the movie's success. So many people came together to make that film, and so many of them are big names - Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, [writer-director] Joss Whedon. Frankly, I'm just thrilled to have been involved. A film like that's a phenomenon, and I'm just enjoying the ride.

You mention it was a big name cast, but it looked like you had fun together.
Absolutely. There were no egos getting in the way. When you've got people like Downey around, it's hard not to enjoy yourself. And the fact that we liked working together, I'm glad that that came through the camera. Fun is infectious - the chances are, if you enjoy making a movie, the audience is going to have a good time watching it.

There's another Avengers and a second Captain America movie in the offing…
Which the secret service forbids me to talk about…

… but what else does the future have in store for you?
I've just finished shooting a film called Snowpiercer in Prague with another great cast - Tilda Swinton, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell. And continuing the winter theme, I've also made a film called The Ice Man.

That's the movie about the hit man Richard Kuklinski.
Yes, the family guy who made a living murdering people for the Mafia. He was a complete dichotomy, Kuklinski - by all accounts, he loved his wife and children, but he was so good at killing that sometimes he'd murder people just for the hell of it. In the film, he's played by Michael Shannon [Take Shelter,Boardwalk Empire].

What's your role?
I play Robert Pronge, another hit man who helped Richard Kulkinski refine his techniques. It was Pronge who educated him in the different ways of using cyanide to kill people - cyanide was the poison of choice back then as it didn't show up in post-mortems - and he supplied him with hand grenades and taught him how to use those. He also showed Kuklinski how to disguise the time someone was killed by freezing the corpse. In the underworld Pronge was nicknamed 'Mister Softee' because he used an ice cream truck to transport bodies from the crime scene to the industrial freezer where he'd ice down the corpses.

So in the space of 12 months, you'll have gone from playing Captain America to essaying a hired killer…
Yes - 2013 is going to be a very different year for me.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Kathelin Kathelin | E-mail | Web | 26. listopadu 2012 v 20:59 | Reagovat

Tak rok 2013 bude bohatý na dobré filmy :) Teším sa na toho Icemana, som zvedavá na Chrisa :) a páčilo sa mi ako hovoril o Downeym :)

2 Ježurka Ježurka | Web | 27. listopadu 2012 v 18:41 | Reagovat

O Robertovi mluvim hezky. A taky se moc těším na icemana. Je to jeden z 5 filmů na který prostě CHCI jít do kina. :)

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